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Merkel says Europe can't rely on U.S. to impose world order

1 hour ago 92

'Several wounded' in stabbing on German bus

18 hours ago 1020

Putin warns NATO against closer ties with Ukraine and Georgia

12 hours ago 45

Lebanon to legalize medical marijuana after McKinsey report

41 minutes ago 11

Trump’s Fed Outburst: All Downside, No Upside

10 hours ago 40

Trump invites Putin to Washington on Twitter.

5 hours ago 1

Lawmakers cut anti-ZTE measure from must-pass bill

2 hours ago 3

Eight injured in attack on bus in Germany

45 minutes ago 9

Thirteen dead as Missouri storm sinks 'duck boat'

18 hours ago 166

Russia tests new nuclear weapons after summit with Trump

4 hours ago 2

White House says Ukraine referendum not on table