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69 confirmed dead in Congo as Ebola outbreak spreads

3 hours ago 144

World upside down as EU and Russia unite against US

2 hours ago 32

Labour party vows to end 'greed-is-good' capitalism in UK

13 hours ago 496

US to approve import of black rhino killed in hunt

8 hours ago 49

Philippines: Senator critical of Duterte arrested

6 hours ago 2

US diplomat found dead in Madagascar

1 hour ago 10

Macron rebukes Trump's isolationist message

3 hours ago 1

Japan firm signs with SpaceX for lunar missions

12 hours ago 310

Trump says US will only give aid 'to our friends'

17 hours ago 59

India court rules lesbian couple can live together

24 minutes ago 1

Worries over China coal power boom

1 hour ago 3

Afghan soldiers 'go missing in US visit'

22 minutes ago 6

Jamaican Prime Minister calls for a more peaceful world