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Deutschland Wahlkampf 2017 CDU & CSU in Bayern | Horst Seehofer & Angela Merkel

Why the Bavarian election matters for Angela Merkel 13.10.2018

Much is at stake for Angela Merkel in Bavaria's state election. A poor result for her conservative allies could lead to more government instability. But the election also signals bigger changes in German politics.

Deutschland Reaktionen auf Bayern Wahl Angela Merkel in Berlin

Germany at a crossroads after Bavarian poll debacle 15.10.2018

The drubbing of the mainstream parties in Bavaria's election didn't come as a surprise. But the outcome could have serious repercussions for Germany's political landscape.

Deutschland Landtagswahl in Bayern | CSU-Plakat

Bavaria elections: Voters at polls in divisive vote 14.10.2018

In what some have described as a bellwether for German politics, millions of Bavarians are casting their votes in state elections. With the CSU expecting a poor performance, the poll could spell trouble for Merkel.

Deutschland Koalitionsgipfel im Kanzleramt

Record-low support for Angela Merkel's government 18.10.2018

Support for the country's ruling parties is dwindling as the Green party and far-right AfD continue to surge. Some Germans are worried about the status quo, but many believe the changes are good for democracy.

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Poll: Alternative for Germany (AfD) more popular than Social Democrats (SPD)