What We Do: Who We Are

Bone Hurting Juice is about finding new ways of looking at template images - humour in the spirit of the namesake.

There are two important aspects of a BHJ post. The first is a creative observation about the base image you choose. The second is the expression of that observation in a way that pretends it's the intended meaning of the image. Imagine you're making a meme in an alternate universe where the template has a different established meaning based on your observation. It's meant to feel like memes a young child would make, but BHJ posts should really have thought behind them.

What We Don't: Who We Aren't (common mistakes)

Don't make anti-memes/memes without jokes/images with text that just describes the image.

Don't say "oof ouch owie" or literally mention "bone hurting juice" or any other "X that does Y".

Don't be random. Jokes need to be related to the images and make sense.

Be original - don't mimic jokes you have already seen on BHJ.

Meme chimeras/combining meme templates into one story aren't the same as BHJ. They can overlap, but unless you're trying to do that, don't post them.

Meta memes, including surreal memes and snafus, usually aren't BHJ. (You can post meta content about this subreddit itself if you use the "Meta" flair.)

BHJ is not about puns.

Examples from: /u/JGBorn, Know Your Meme, /u/Combonessex, /u/Slabedaskarn


1. All posts must be on topic

Pay attention to the guidelines and everything'll be jake, ok? You should also search for the "Quality" flair and try to understand the thought process behind the posts you find.

2. No reposts

If your post has been seen on the subreddit before, it will simply be removed. If you did not make your post, try checking karmadecay.com and Google reverse image search.

3. Repeat offenders

If you have your posts removed 5 times for any reason, then you will be banned permanently.

4. Don't put your own watermark on your post

You're allowed to add watermarks such as iFunny or 9gag for added comedic effect, but don't advertise your own social media account.

5. NSFW content and spoilers must be marked

Reddit provides buttons to mark NSFW posts and spoilers. Please use them where applicable.

6. Use common sense

The moderators reserve the right to remove any content which we deem to be detrimental to the subreddit.

7. No title based posts

If the joke/punchline isn't in the image and is instead in the reddit title u will be despacito

If you're not sure whether or not your post breaks the rules, please message the moderators or ask in #meme_help on our Discord server.

Commenting with the original image you edited to create your post is encouraged but not required.

If you see a post that violates the rules, please use the report button instead of (or in addition to) complaining in the comments. It helps a lot.

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